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Medtronic inPen™ – Your Training and Set-up Process

We are happy to welcome you into the Medtronic family and we are excited for the journey ahead. We would like to encourage you to follow these steps of the training and set-up process, to ensure that you are using your inPen™ correctly and safely.

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1. Online Training Modules

As you first step of training, complete the e-Learning Modules for inPen™, which can be accessed in the Learning Hub of our website. Click here to access the Learning Hub and scroll down to the inPen™ Modules.

We recommend you complete each module, so that you are well-informed on safe and proper use of the inPen™.

*Smart Insulin pen connects to a mobile app to provide dosing calculations, reminders and CGM system integration when Combined with the Guardian™ 4 Smart Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

2. Download the inpenTM app from your devices App Store

Training Videos

Watch these training videos as many times as you need, to familiarise yourself on how to use the inpenTM correctly and safely.

Rewind the screw

Insert the cartridge

Changing a pen needle


Select and inject

Cartridge change

We wish you all the best for with your inPen™ training and set-up. If you have any product-related queries, please contact our 24/7 Product Support Helpline: 0800 633 7867 (MEDPUMP) or +27 (0) 260 9490

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