Products available on Medical Aid

Please check with your Medical Aid if the products you wish to purchase on this platform have been approved for funding. This is an essential step before your purchase submission. The CDE Pharmacy cannot, unfortunately, communicate with the funders on your behalf, regarding the claims.

Health Window is a patient adherence  company. We focus on overcoming  the patient’s obstacles to commence  and continue therapy. We offer clients  hard-to-replicate levels of patient  enrolment and adherence gains. Sales growth follows, and patients  have better health outcomes.


1. Select the product

Select the product you wish to purchase on Medical Aid, and click the “Submit through medical aid” button” 


2. View your basket

Once you have added all the products you wish to have submitted through medical aid, click on the “Medical Aid Basket”


3. Complete the Script Details

Complete the details for medical aid submission. Note – Incomplete or incorrect details may result in your claim being rejected.

Remember to email a copy of your script to


4. Place Quote

Click on “Place Quote” to send through your medical aid submission to CDE. CDE will submit your claim to your selected medical aid, using the details you provided.


5. Check Your Email

Once the CDE has received a response from your Medical Aid, you will receive an email with a link to view your order.

Clicking on this link, will allow you to view the order online on your account, pay for the order or cancel the order.

You will only have to pay the levy amount due as displayed on your account.